Athlete Registration Form

This page contains the link to our Student Athletics Registration Form. This contains all the emergency information, insurance, and permissions required to participate in DCS athletic programs. (This is separate from pay-to-play fees, which can be paid online at You only need to complete this registration form once each school year. Please select all sports that your student may participate in. We can remove their name from any sports later if they decide not to participate in any of their selections. (We can also add sports later in the year if they change their minds).

Open the link below. Once you have completed all required fields (it will remind you if you do not), click the submit button to securely submit your data. You should see a pop-up message confirming the form was submitted. (Please be sure to allow pop-ups for this page if you have tight browser controls.) If you have allowed pop-ups and you do not receive a pop-up message saying that your submission went through, check your email for a confirmation. If it’s not there, your student is probably not registered, you should re-submit.

Please use this link: